True Americans

Mountains, valleys, deserts, rivers

alive with spirit and symbols.

Their own sacred site to contact

universal energies – health and prosperity.

Turtle dives the primordial waters

bringing mud for Earth

to carry on Coyote’s work.

Stars divine, foretell

Holy land decrees all

with spirit and life,

calumet protects all,

spring’s first thunder

trees inspire spiritual strength.

Underneath the white

a redskin suffers

centuries of taming.

Published by: carlpeters

Got my degree at University of Cumbria (Lancaster) in English Lit and Creative Writing and now find how difficult it really is to make yourself write everyday. Hardest job in the world!

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One thought on “True Americans”

  1. Native Americans are the original spiritual people on this earth. they have been much maligned through history and did not deserve it. they venerate all things living and the spirits of those past. more power to them

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