Job Hunting

What an absolutely wonderful past time looking for a new job is! I wonder if you detect my facetiousness through the text? It has come to my attention how much has changed about the process of looking and applying for a new job, especially with the invention and intervention of the internet.

In the dim recess that I call memory, I recall that there was a certain amount of respect from both prospective employees and employers alike. If you were applying for the advertised position, then it was a kind of unsaid contract that you would be rewarded with a response telling you either way if you did or did not get the job. Likewise, unsaid in the same way, if the employer received a particularly bad application then it would go straight into the bin and not even be read, but that is perfectly understandable too, as after all, who wants their time wasted unnecessarily?

It seems these days though that there is a now almost clichéd and much overused excuse of being far too busy which has brought us what would seem to be a mantra from prospective employers, that of, “If you do not hear from us in x days, then you can presume that you have been unsuccessful at this time.” The wording changes slightly here and there but the sentiment remains the same and this is most often on the advert for the position being applied for before you even think about any interviews. I can understand to a certain degree but I was under the opinion that with the invention of the internet and namely email, that it would be easier to reply to all the unsuccessful’s. There would be no need for countless letters, not to mention all the stamps that would be needed, but surely some kind of automated response could be set up for all the unlucky people who have made an effort, in good faith, so that they know one way or the other just like yesteryear. It goes without saying though that if you have made a right hash of the application process then you do not even deserve a response.

Most employers have some kind of personnel department these days that could sift through the applications, with guidance from the employer of what should be flagged up, or maybe even an interview review team could do it. Then the applications that do not quite meet the mark for interview can be tagged for the automated response and dealt with by the necessary department whilst the employer worries over the hopefuls left for the interview stage. I am sure that employers in the modern-day do not want to be seen as nasty, ignorant or rude so could they not do something like this. I am not a technical whizz myself in any way but I am quite sure that it does not take that much effort to set up a system like this and then all those people out there who have genuinely made an effort in the application process would not be made to feel so worthless after they have made about 50 applications with just 1 response if they are lucky. And that response might even be a “thanks, but no thanks.” Most disheartening. I know that I would be quite happy to receive , via email, something like, “I am sorry but on this occasion you have been unsuccessful.” At least you know and you can get on with the application process without getting too downhearted.

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