Wookie or not Wookie – that’s the Question!


I believe that this is nearly as big as the age-old clichéd question: what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Now there are some people who would say that there is no argument. In order to look smart, then you must shave. I feel (possibly in a biased way) that there are probably just as many people who actually hate the physical act of shaving and believe wholeheartedly that this facial fuzz ought be allowed, much like a perimeter hedge around your garden. There are yet a few more people who could be the metaphorical grounds-men (or should I say grounds-people?) of the hirsute world, who believe in keeping this prominent facial fur well-trimmed. There are obviously some women out there who cannot stand the beard, saying that it gives them a rash (I have never actually seen a rash though, despite their scratching!) This leads us to the number of men that moan about shaving rashes; which is actually one of my own personal favourite reasons for NOT shaving! If this act can cause such an uncomfortable physical condition, then why on earth would you put yourself through it? Surely this hair grows for a reason? (Mind you, I could be seen as being biased again!) There are definitely some women out there that would agree with me though, they love the beard; perhaps they see it as making their men more-manlier! Or do they just like the tickle?!

Me? Personally I absolutely abhor the act of shaving (people that know me are laughing now). I think it is totally unnatural. Did Neanderthal man wake up every day to remove his face rug!? “Ug-ug, me need sharp Dino bone, getting scratchy!” The few times that I have ventured towards bum faced bare cheeks, I have experienced shaving rashes, severe tenderness, soreness and not to mention the comments, such as, rosy cheeks/what have you done with Carl, etc.; and yet some guys will actually put this man-made substance called “after shave” on themselves after this “against nature” act. Are they mad? This, to me, is just an act of sheer stupidity, or am I the nutty one? Perhaps THEY are just masochists!

The reality (as I said earlier though, perhaps I am BIASED!) is that it actually takes more time to keep a well-trimmed beard or moustache than it does for someone to shave it all off every day. So the shavers are in fact lazy then because it is easier!?

There are even some women in the world that sport beards! (Check out the carnivals!) I wonder if they enjoy shaving? Not to mention all the body hair that most women shave regularly – would they put after shave on those bits?!!?

Anyway, here are a few reasons that I found (thanks Google!) for sporting a beard –

1. hate shaving (top answer – I’ll go with that!)

2. wanted to see how it would look

3. like the look of them

4. like the feel of them

5. always wanted to(what an ambition!)

6. wanted to change appearance(this is probably the preferred reason of the bank robber!)

7. (think this one’s definitely for me!)/ look better, more handsome with one

8. natural thing to do

9.” MANLY” thing to do(for all you manly men!)

10. (me again!) suits personality

11. wanted to look older/(this only works if you can grow more than bum fluff though!)

12. (& me yet again!) wanted to look more distinguished

13. family tradition(look at Granny’s!)

14. something that women can’t do! (I don’t think this is strictly true though!)

15. wanted to express freedom after military service.


And finally, useless information time – There are at least 25% of quite normal middle-aged women who have unwanted facial hair! Something for all those young fillies to look forward to later in life!!!

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