What strange things can dreams be sometimes! Apparently they are all supposed to mean something as well, according to lots of dream books that I have perused though. I myself am definitely not a dream expert, so would not even attempt to try to interpret one. I feel that I have to relate a dream that I had last night as it was just sooooo weird! I know that I was dreaming all night but the only one I remembered was from the first part of the night, prior to the first visiting of the lavatory wake up. I fell straight back to sleep but remembered no more dreams apart from this first one, even though upon waking in the morning I know that I was dreaming all night, just could not remember any more. I was escaping from somewhere, no idea where from though, just that unknown people were after me. I came across what I can only describe as some kind of hand – held helicopter device that not only would hold me to fly away from whoever my chasers were but also a companion that suddenly turned up to help chase away pursuers. He was a Polar Bear! He was talking to me as well and very friendly to me but as soon as any would be pursuers came near he was all roars, fangs and savageness. After each of these fearsome challenges he would be fully conversant with me again, as if we were talking like a couple of mates over a cuppa! As I said, this hand held gizmo, which seemed to operate like a small helicopter, comfortably held us both (strength in small gadgets!). How it did is beyond me, as I was holding it to fly, with Mr Polar hanging around my waist! And he never scratched me once! We even stopped somewhere to refuel it once, seemed to be a rebel base for fugitives and they all seemed to know both of us! (Infamy?) Our destination from there was always Peterborough. Why on Earth Peterborough, what’s there? When we eventually arrived at Peterborough Mr Polar bear then bade me an exceptional farewell, with much hugging and I went on my merry way in another helicopter that was just like the one out of that James Bond film that’s called Little Nelly. I have no idea where I was heading to from there but we both were going to meet up in the future after our adventures! Again I do not know where and that was where that dream ended. If there is anyone out there that could make some sense of that then feel free to let me know, but at the moment I reckon it could be better than the Golden Compass! (Or is that The Northern Lights?!) 

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