Changing our habits.

After watching the tail end of Room 101 last night (waiting for Silent Witness, honest!) one of the suggestions was people who change their interests as they get older. Now we all change with age and there are certainly quite a few people I have met who try getting you interested in their latest fad, but each to their own I say, as we all change with age don’t we? My biggest change from my misspent youth (or was it great fun? Some was!) is that I spend a lot more time indoors now. I was always out, often getting the comment of why hadn’t I seen the latest film/soap opera or some other thing that may have been showing on the goggle box? My mantra became, “Because there’s always something going on somewhere, rather than sit in!”  I just did not want to sit in anywhere, often convincing people who I visited to go out somewhere too. Well, my change in later life has been to get myself much more of a telly habit! Don’t get me wrong, even I have the potential to watch absolute inane rubbish sometimes, but I do try to keep it to a minimum and the stuff I watch mostly is firstly football. (I’ll blog about footie sometime soon, usually gets a good mixed reaction!) I am (dare I admit it publicly?) a lifelong Chelsea fan. Secondly I really do appreciate a rip roaringly good tennis match. I find the women’s tennis to be a lot more technical and flowing as a rule, but since the big hitters have fizzled out somewhat, the men’s game is becoming much better. There’s nothing more boring than ace, ace, ace, ace, game is there? That said, as a Brit myself, I cannot help but be impressed by the two young women coming through the ranks lately, that of Heather Watson and Laura Robson. I have even been sad enough to set my alarm early this week to make sure I was awake to either watch on Eurosport or listen on Radio 5 Live. At six in the morning (our time) it was much warmer to put the radio on and listen in bed! Roll on the summer. Both girls have done very well for their tender ages and I for one certainly expect to see some great stuff in the future from this pair. Heather came across the mightily impressive Radwanska though and Laura met her match in the young American Sloane Stephens, who is also having a great rise to fame in the sport herself. It’s been a great Aussie Open so far, some great tennis being played out there and two of my favourites are still in the running, Miss Wozniacki and Miss Ivanovich. It must be noted though how well Miss Sharapova is playing at the moment as she has been playing like the number two in the world! (Oh yeah, she is!) Venus Williams may be one of the older players now (at 32?!) but the way she was taken apart by the Russian was utterly incredible. Even Williams’ mum in the crowd was shaking her head as if to say, “What can you do against that!?” If Maria can keep that standard going then I could certainly see her winning it. And let’s not forget Miss Radwanska, who is one of the smaller players, not a big hitter, but has the wherewithal to be able to chase down just about every shot and hold her own against the likes of the Williams’ sisters and other big hitters with her own style of tennis and very quick thinking. She was very unlucky in last year’s Wimbledon final against Serena and I personally thought that the only thing that got Serena there was in fact the amount of aces she served, plus the fact that Radwanska was mightily ill with a chest infection. Roll on next week for more of the same…

Published by: Carl (I,Scalius) Peters

Got my degree at University of Cumbria (Lancaster) in English Lit and Creative Writing and now find how difficult it really is to make yourself write everyday. Hardest job in the world! Now a few years on I realise just how hard. Wordsworth was right, movement is so important to creativity...So a few years on now and over 50 walking football is seemingly the movement needed!

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