Window Shopping

            “How come I ain’t seen you around here before then if you reckon you’ve lived in town for so long?” Rosy asked the gentleman that she had been talking to for the last hour in the Black Bull. He was a very pretty guy at that but not in an effeminate way though. Virtually her type of man with jet black hair, piercing, muddy, shadowy brown eyes and muscled in a wiry way, but with an athletic build. The only thing she wasn’t sure about was the exceptionally pale skin, but it did make the dark features really accentuated.

            “My family has lived here for centuries,” replied the pasty complexioned guy. “I’ve been watching you for a couple of days now and I think that you are really something.”

            He eyed her quite openly, in a very appraising way which made Rosy tingle. He had been watching her, covertly, until now. After all, you had to check out the wares before sampling.

            “Where do you live then?” Rosy asked with a coy smile.

            The pasty guy smiled back replying, “In the mansion at the top of town.”

            “Oh my God! That’s the old Lubbock place you mean! There’s shed loads of strange stories about that place.”

            “Well, you said it my dear. Stories. Tales. Depends on what sort of stuff you believe in now doesn’t it? Personally I think that stories are best kept for the campfire.”

            Rosy studied his face for a moment, trying to decide if he was trying to scare her, but the look on his face seemed quite genuine enough. She decided at that moment that it would be fine to go for a wander with him. It was a warm night after all and the pub was a bit too noisy for intimate conversation.

            “Fancy a stroll along the beach then? And I missed your name earlier…”

            “You never asked me for it and yes it is a particularly fine night for a pleasant ramble along the beach. I’m Godric.”

            “Now that’s a moniker! Something for rambling on; upon our ramble?” She giggled and went on to ask, ”What about me getting some carry-outs to take with us?”

            “Yes. Why not? Just water for me thank you and whatever you wish for,” he replies as he hands a fifty to Rosy. It could have been extravagant but something about Godric’s manner made the gesture seem quite natural.

            The night was exceedingly balmy, the stars and moon appeared to be playing a concert of their own so prominent were they centre stage. With no wind or breeze the breakers were hushed, adding to the ambience of the evening atmosphere and Rosy found herself momentarily wondering how she had always pooh poohed the idea of whirlwind romance. Yet here she was, walking arm in arm with a guy she found almost irresistible whom she had known for about two hours now and she she fancied him rotten! Even though she had only met him a little while ago she was struck dumb at how comfortable she felt with him, they said that love cast its own spell on you didn’t they? After strolling together like star crossed lovers for another half an hour, they stopped at some rocks by the shore to stare up at the constellations.           

            “Wouldn’t it be great if you could just fly up into the air and touch the stars and the moon?” Rosy said in a romantic like hush.     

            “What would you think if I told you that there are ways in which a being is able to fly?” Replied Godric.           

            Rosy looked somewhat quizzically at Godric. He seemed to have a strange far away look on his face and for the first time that evening she felt a small tremor of fear. Who was he really? And he said that he lived at the old Lubbock place? She was sure that she had read somewhere that the place had lain empty for decades and she certainly couldn’t place his face during her school years.  He looked roughly the same age as her after all.           

            “Say, you think we ought to get back towards town? I told my flat mate that I wouldn’t be late in tonight and I don’t want her worrying unnecessarily.”

            “There’s no need to worry about anything now my lovely. In fact, after this evening, you’ll never have to worry about anything in life ever again!”

            At this utterance, Godric took a firm hold of Rosy’s arms. She attempted to struggle free, feeling dreadfully fearful now, but his hands were literally like a pair of vices gripping her arms and holding her rooted to the spot.

            “Please don’t, you’re scaring me now…”

            But Godric cut her short.

            “Oh there’s no need to be scared now Rosy, my pretty. I told you that I had been watching you, bit like window shopping really. Now I wonder which stories you took notice of about my family home that you mentioned earlier. I’ll see if I can help you out a little bit there shall I? The one’s about no one living there for decades aren’t strictly true, although technically, the word living shouldn’t be used! But there is definitely someone at home there! I have fixed it up very tastefully. Secondly, you’ve probably heard that no one goes up there at night. Not strictly true again. Those teenagers that dare themselves to venture up there, makes my protein intake very easy sometimes! Thirdly, I can see by your face now that you are obviously wondering what on Earth is happening here after such a pleasantly refreshing, romantic walk. Well, in your human language you could say that love’s spell has been cast upon you. Well certainly a spell of some sort anyway. Let’s just say that I have been window shopping for a couple of days and now, being very happy with what I saw, I am very happy with my purchase. I am going to sample the goods now!”

            Rosy tried vainly to struggle away from those two vices that were holding her. Instead she found his eyes were having a strange hypnotic effect on her, as a snake does with its prey. Like a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights, she found herself remembering a scene from a book, the title coming to mind as Godric bent towards her neck, fangs prominent.


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