Over Inflated Salaries?

As a footie fan I find that quite often I come across a phrase uttered by non-footie fans that seems to be rather cliched now. The response to my saying that I enjoy watching and following the state of our National Sport is, “Oh, bunch of over paid girls kicking a bag of air about for 90 minutes!” Now firstly, I am not going to deny that there is an incredible amount of money in the game these days, that would be stretching anybody’s incredulity. I wouldn’t mind just ten percent of a premier league footballer’s salary! But there is definitely a bigger picture here as these guys do actually do an incredible amount of work, for the greater good too. Yes there are some that hit the headlines for being complete and utter idiots, but thankfully they are few and far between. Most of these men are greatly involved with their immediate communities and they do lots of work with youngsters to give them something to work towards instead of some of the social problems that our “great” (notice the sarcasm?) press like to point out to us in the masses. Even the lower leagues will work towards this same goal, they just haven’t got as much cash at their disposal. 

Now to look at another group of people in our society, who in my opinion get far too much money for what they do, let’s consider briefly Bankers (yes I’m sure that I’ve spelled that right!). Now what the press don’t report is the hugely obscene salaries that these guys receive. Occasionally one slips into the mainstream river of news but on the whole we very rarely hear about them and yet their salaries are quite substantially larger than any footballer’s, plus they will be working for a much longer period in their employment than footballer’s (remember Fred the Shred?), a football player will be retired in his mid thirties and that’s only if he doesn’t get a career shattering injury.  And how many drink and drug parties do the Bankers hold for themselves to celebrate their over inflated bonuses? Again, we only see these reported occasionally so does that mean that they may well have paid the reporters off and invited them to the party too? I mean, a bribe like that would be small potatoes compared to their payday.

Then we can take a brief look at my person favourite, who never make the press because they control it! The Government and their eternal quest for so called power, which for some reason is often in the making and dealing of weapons. Does anyone realise how much a nuclear warhead costs? Or an air craft carrier? How about one of those super quick super noisy jets? I don’t know the exact figure these days but I do know that it makes a premier league footballer’s wages look like a drop in the ocean, but we don’t see it reported do we? I’m quite sure that everyone in the so called civilized world would love to see the military books. I don’t even blame the prime ministers and other leaders here either as the people that really run things are constantly in the background and have probably been the real leaders for an exceedingly long time, maybe even millenia (Who are ya? Who are ya?!). Plus all the wars that we have these days are actually big business now. In the First and Second World Wars 80% of the casualties were armed forces, 20% being civilian. In our modern day it would seem that the armed forces are commodities to be looked after because those figures are completely swapped around now and yet the press don’t tell us about all the civvies that have just been killed in the latest war. Is life really that cheap? Or maybe its a population control (I like conspiracy theories!)?

So all I ask really is that instead of making that inane comment about how footballers are just over paid namby pambys (and some of them are!) why don’t we think more about how the wool is pulled over the eyes of the masses every single day. And it comes from our taxes?!!? I think I’d rather support the footballing guys rather than a bunch of back biting, lying, cheating guys. “Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart…”

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