A little while ago I had myself a small rant about social networking sites and in light of that I feel that I must stick to my honesty policy and make a small confession. I find that as a self confessed technophobe that since using a computer through an access course and then a degree that I rather enjoy using all this modern day technology and the avenues it can take us down. I bought myself a laptop after the first semester at uni too (good ol’ student loans!) and think that it is an absolutely fantastic way for us to keep in touch with each other, globally at that. The laptop is one of the best things that I have treated myself to in recent years and definitely one of my favourite society toys! I am not a fan of Facebook though, although I do have an account. I just never seem to really feel the inclination to log in very often because despite people telling me that it’s a great way to keep in touch they never bloody do! I always really liked letters though and the email service I enjoy just as much. I have managed to get a few of my friends from the past years of my life to correspond in this manner and I tell anybody that wants to get me that an email will guarantee an answer. You don’t even need a stamp! Cyurently I am corresponding with a mate in Wales, one in Norfolk and several people I met in Lancashire. My aim is to try and make it so that I know and correspond with somebody from as many different counties as possible and maybe even globally! I absolutely love Youtube too. I have had a few responses from people on it but as a self confessed technophobe I do need to try working out how all the little gizmos actually work on it, but I do have an account! One day I’ll even upload me doing a reading of some of my work, it’ll have to be a good story though. It’s amazing what you can find on there and I use it mainly for music and movies, but it did come in handy for Literature at uni too, when we looked at plays, as often I would find some kind of production up on there done by a school or an amateur dramatic society. Even found  a pretty good production of Faustus on there which really helped me get into the play for study! I do realise that it is a virtual world though, but there is this accompanying thought that there is others out there somewhere in the “real” world who happen to have the same likes and habits. For me it is great to still get a decent fix of rock music because I just haven’t got the money for going to gigs at the moment, money is considerably tighter after student loans run out! It’s an excellent medium for keeping all those rock fans in touch and any other genre too; as I said, it’s amazing what you can find on there. It definitely isn’t a replacement for a live gig obviously, but it is something that we are able to access every day and interact together, even if the interaction is virtual. We certainly couldn’t have done it twenty years ago now could we? When I do suss some of the twiddly bits out then I promise to upload some stuff myself to repay those people who already have uploaded videos and things that I have viewed. It does make me wonder though what all those old scribes would think of it all if they could be transported forward from the past to our times and see it. Would they love it or think that we were all in league with the Devil or something?

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