ME! The usual place


Hey Mike,

          Thought that I’d better put pen to paper & send you another one of my scrawled, screwed up nutty notes!(Except everthing’s typed these days!)

          If you could have seen that stupid mutt of mine the other day! You know what he’s like, loves swimming, any old stagnant pool. Well he’s gone after this stick (actually half a tree!) and he was gonna do his best & get that thing outta the pond that he’s in no matter what! He was riding upwards in the water like a swan, albeit a great big black dog shaped one! The look on the face of a passerby at his insane efforts and me doubled over, tears streaming down my face like Niagara Falls, coupled with that pig like snort that accompanies my guffaws! You’ve seen it yourself enough times! No wonder that dog has stayed with me, 7 years of hilarity and long may it last I say!

          Anyway I was wondering what you made of that article on computers that I sent you ol’ chap? Don’t get me wrong though, you know that the two of us are in it for the long haul, corresponding is very important and we really have to now, or else 20 years are utterly wasted eh? We must get another w/end together sometime, that last one for ya birthday was absolutely spot on! I even dug your theme in the end, but I must admit I was a l’il worried to begin with. I mean, St. Trinians! Can’t believe that I managed to find and borrow a pair of size 8 high heels!

          As usual I digress! Emails, they’re great and I’m sure that you’d find that between our weird missives that we would have just as much of a crack, just electronically. There is the added bonus of being able to send it immediately without putting a stamp on it!

          Pictures too.  I’ve got a digital camera these days, so I could send you pics a lot easier of my mental mutt and his antics! I know that you find stories of him just as funny as I do. You know, he still brings me the mail one letter at a time as well! He ain’t stupid is he?! Costs me a bloody fortune in dog treats! Got some pics of him interrupting another footie game the other day. The lads were cool though, think they were well impressed with his ball skills! I’ve printed them off anyway and you’ll be getting them with this messy message (you remember, like a spider fell in the ink & then ran across the page!) If we can manage to come up with a l’il pc for you then we could compare typing skills and you wouldn’t have to keep trying to decipher my scrawl! I’ll type the next letter, I do need the practise!

          Anyway, let me know what you think of Odie in the pics and have a half serious thought about maybe getting yourself online. Even a mobile phone would do for a start!

                   Ciao pal, ‘til the next one, Carlos. (& Odie!)


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