Yo Mike!
I knew that you’d love them pics of my dopey doggy & that’s great news about your new housemates Clary & Jesse. I sense there could be many pet tales (tails?! Hohoho) to come.
On the subject of pets; as I’ve told you, Odie is pretty much my shadow. I decided the other day that we could do with an extra long walk (you know me!) and so the rucksack got packed! We’d been out for about three hours already on this beautifully sunny day, so I thought we’d jump on a bus down to the coast. When we got there it was a tad windy (still sunny!) and the swell was quite high. Odie’s usually a bit wary of the sea, but he must have felt brave this day (in tune with my good humour!) Into the Big Blue he went and quite happily is swimming about when he realised that he is swimming at a 45 degree angle because of the size of the breaker he’s on. He’s one of those dogs that doesn’t like his head going under the surface and so turns at this point to come back into shore. Well, it’s hard to outrun swells or breakers and this one has just completely swamped him! Gone from view, for a second. Seeing him surface, coughing and spluttering and I just couldn’t help it! I’m nearly wetting myself with laughter! I’m not that worried about him in any water as he’s such a strong swimmer. Well, I’m bent double, can hardly breath for tears, belly guffaws and god knows what is coming outta my nose in my hysterics. This is made so much worse when I see Odie’s face. The look on his boatrace is screaming at me “You bastard!” He reached the shore, walked right up to me and shook half the Irish sea over me! I didn’t really care at the time though. He’s such a funny dog and he’s been extra wary around the sea since, especially when it’s really windy!
Anyway, he did forgive me (probably about tea time!) and we continued our walk along the beach with him doing plenty of doggy like antics, except more swimming!(Lesson learnt for dogs : watch the swell when sea’s a bit rough!)
I know you’re popping round Joe’s in the near future, I caught him on windows live the other day. I’ve got his email addy so I sent him some pics of Odie swimming, not the day that I just told you about though, I wouldn’t have been able to see the bloody camera! Anyway, there’s some there that you won’t have seen, so get him to show you them when you’re round there. Funny really, thinking of Joe (& the others), you & me are the only ones that have carried on with the letters. None of the others write, even Joe stopped. I get the odd email, but usually just catch him online when I log on and one of those moments of synchronicity occur. I do still think that you’d love one of these modern day toys mate. If I can use one then anyone can! And you can read, it does what it says on the tin!
I’m thinking about coming down with my wayward, wagging hound about June time( coupla weeks from now). I know that you’re good for it, man of leisure after your big break! Good book though, I’ve made several colleagues go out & buy it (they may even read it!). Anyway, I’ve got the camper now, so I’m sure that you’ll let me borrow the “drive” for a few days & plug in. If I’ve got mine & Odie’s beds sorted then perhaps you can get a coupla the others to come over? Have a weekend of reminiscing, catch some old movies, maybe even get you on the old Johanna!
Must dash, gotta get your latest missive in the post (me shadow will come!) so will catch you soon me ol’ chum, me ol’ china, me ol’ fruit! In person in a coupla weeks!
Look forward to ya next one,
P.S. This took me about ten hours to type so you’re much quicker than me!
P.P.S. Great big woof from Odie!!

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