It’s a great word isn’t it? Mendacity. I learned this word from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. I find the subject matter of this film to be absolutely spot on to the way that we live our lives these days. From the so called leaders to the Hoi Polloi. So why aren’t we more honest to each other and to ourselves? Are we that afraid of the truth? Or is it the fear of actually dealing with stuff (technical word!) that may arise with a liberal sprinkling of the truth? For example, why do people so often blame their busy and hectic lifestyles for not keeping in touch with each other? Because those same so called busy people, still find time to watch hours of television, or play games on Facebook, or on their games consoles, even their phones (to name but a few distractions that we have access to). I will even admit that I have to deal with laziness myself and sometimes have to really force myself to get up and find something to do. Something more rewarding than the trivial tech toys that are constantly thrown our way by our illustrious leaders. I actually prefer the truth, cliched as it is that the truth hurts. I personally prefer to have someone tell me honestly of a fault that I have so that I can deal with it and do my best to break the bad habit. I think that is why people in general try saying anything other than the truth because it certainly can be easier to live in the “unreal” as it were (don’t get me started on bloody adverts!). As writers we do that often! From my own point of view, Planet Carl is often much better place than the real world (I’m sure that I’m not alone there, it’s human to daydream innit!? Ask STC). So why aren’t we more honest in our daily lives? I wish I had an answer to that one but it is an enigma (to me). As the father and son in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof say to each other at the end, “I hate mendacity!”

Published by: Carl (I,Scalius) Peters

Got my degree at University of Cumbria (Lancaster) in English Lit and Creative Writing and now find how difficult it really is to make yourself write everyday. Hardest job in the world! Now a few years on I realise just how hard. Wordsworth was right, movement is so important to creativity...So a few years on now and over 50 walking football is seemingly the movement needed!

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