Organic Compound

Always large part of my life, kicked it in 2001. On a campsite, one of the best jobs I ever had. Thought I’d lost it in the first two weeks though!
It didn’t feature in 1983 when I left school, sweet sixteen, Basingstoke. Family already immersed in deepest, darkest Norfolk. Where’s the night life?
Alcohol :
Very sociable, starting first adult steps. Into the pubs and discos to meet new people, local yokels. Especially girls (we all dream)! Success in the meat markets? Nah, met more lasses in the cafes.
it’s becoming easier to drink properly, in the company of beer belly butchers; swig pigs. They taught me how to drink! Or was it because I kept wishing that I could drink like them? Careful what you wish for! I still believe it’s sociable (I can’t be an alkie, I got a job).
Tamed for six months when I move to N. Yorks; they say that love conquers the demon. It’s a long distance relationship for four months, while I wait for my lover to finish college. Living in a shared house; Tom the Geordie “Y I Mon! Ya canny lad!” them Toons can lift your spirits! All appeal lost when I’m dumped though. Bad habits back as quick as saying, “What’s yours?!”, spending rent cheques and cheques my ass can’t repay.
is back very quickly. Not long to upset new friends (acquaintances?). Slope back to Norfolk, easy on ya thumb, no bus fares, bottles in bag.
My only friend in 1993; longer hair, in dreadlocks; longer dole stints, longer criminal links. Get a council flat pretty quick though, bit of a scam when ya homeless (but never spending a night on t’streets).
Still with me in new flat, on excellent terms with offie across the road. I’ve met my son’s mother though, just don’t know it yet. What the hell does she see in this pathetic special brew swilling sot?
Is exceptionally quiet for the next 18 months; blissful, content; family unit. Not to mention full time job! Not exactly legit though, but allows flexitime and hours to suit.
is back, my best buddy again during the break up. Bumming around a bit in 1999, slide back down the coast, dog following faithfully, unconditionally loving. Onto the campsite. How did I survive that first year? Even the happy holiday makers bought me –

Published by: Carl (I,Scalius) Peters

Got my degree at University of Cumbria (Lancaster) in English Lit and Creative Writing and now find how difficult it really is to make yourself write everyday. Hardest job in the world! Now a few years on I realise just how hard. Wordsworth was right, movement is so important to creativity...So a few years on now and over 50 walking football is seemingly the movement needed!

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2 thoughts on “Organic Compound”

    1. I was told by a poet friend that this is prose poetry! Didn’t even know such things existed b4 uni! Wotever, it’s all true! One of my lecturers really liked “…bottles in bag…” said it conjured up such a good image! Hey I am just saying how it was so thx for the like and comment!

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