As we start 2015 – be INSPIRED!

& a lesson to all us creatives everywhere!

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Just a Typewriter

He lived at Rose Haven Nursing Home ( Rose burg , OR ) for years.

Paul Smith, the man with extra ordinary talent was born
On September 21, 1921, with severe cerebral palsy.

Not only had Paul beaten the odds of a life with Spastic
Cerebral Palsy, a disability that impeded his speech and
Mobility, but also taught himself to become a master artist
As well as a terrific chess player even after being devoid
Of a formal education as a child.

When typing, Paul used his left hand to steady his right one.
Since he couldn’t press two keys at the same time, he almost
Always locked the shift key down and made his pictures
Using the symbols at the top of the number keys.

In other words, his pictures were based on these
Characters ….. ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( )_…

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Published by: carlpeters

Got my degree at University of Cumbria (Lancaster) in English Lit and Creative Writing and now find how difficult it really is to make yourself write everyday. Hardest job in the world!

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