Just Having A Drink

I’m Just Having A Drink…

This is a very clichéd phrase nowadays. Not to generalise too much but I do feel that most people would agree to my statement.

Who really knows what they’re actually saying when they utter this phrase? Is it another societal lie that we’ve grown so used to now that we just say it without any thought whatsoever? I’m guessing that the $64,000 question now is what’s the really honest reason behind this phrase? I know, we’re all individual so this could well illicit 7/8 billion different answers! And definitely don’t forget that I am human too and admit that I have used this phrase myself back in my alcohol swilling days!

I did what we all do these days for some expert opinions. I Googled the phrase, interesting results, about 13 million of them, and the first one on the board is a link for those who want to stop drinking.  www.kensaq.com/I quit drinking/Now

Does this mean we all know what a problem alcoholism really is but we just don’t discuss this? I know from my own experience that the reason we don’t admit to stuff is because of shame. This I’ve learnt from well-being practitioners and my own experience of the road to recovery. It never actually stops though. When working on the bins the small team I was with talked about alcohol a fair bit as they both enjoyed a drink , yet found themselves working with a confessed alcoholic who had been sober for two years by then. We came up with the scenario, what if a gung-ho policeman, looking for arrests to further himself, sat at the end of nice, well to do cul-de-sacs and breathalysed the drivers coming out on a Monday morning? We used to see all the

alcoholic beer cars city
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eyes through their windscreen regularly. I’m a drunk, takes one to know one and I swear I could see so many who looked like I had in the past. But what is drunk eh? It’s okay to finish that bottle instead of putting it in the fridge, right?

There is another phrase here crops up amongst videos for songs of alcohol and the culture, that being, “I ain’t drunk…” another favourite of mine actually. After a while though, we begin to realise that drinking 7/8 pints of something and trying to act sober in front of others, just makes us look very silly. Still it goes on though. Does this mean that as humans we really have  forgotten what drunk  is anymore? After all this is an incredibly powerful drug, with minor hallucinogenic properties, also classed as a toxin and the culture is now to pour as much as possible down our necks and get completely wasted! That is the state of many in our city centres now after all and I believe anyone arguing against that is in denial. So when did we all decide on this? Is it possibly our human way of coping with a failing system? Speculation on my behalf perhaps but when asking people about the original phrase I do feel that this relates to the legality of the substance, for most of us. It appears to go along with us being scared of not doing as we’re told or what we think we should do. For example, if you could go for a wander into your own town centre and buy across a counter, legally, your preferred “poison”, then surely the education of ALL substances would come to the fore? This for me is absolutely crucial, as some people do not even know why they choose a particular substance. For example, I like cannabis because it is a thinking drug. I have heard others say that they use cannabis to help them sleep. It doesn’t make me tired. I’ve done most jobs whilst under the influence of cannabis and I assure you that unless you tell someone then nobody knows! We all know the one that is getting carried away with alcohol because this drug really changes characters adversely.

Alcohol has become a real revenue for the Government. https;//realbusiness.co.uk/britains-boozers-fuel-uk-economy-as-alcohol-revenues-top-10bn/

So in keeping us drunk as skunks it would seem that there is a political reason for this! We are helping our own economy. I admit again that this is speculation on my behalf. But at a at what cost do we see sense and decide to change for the better?


Published by: Carl (I,Scalius) Peters

Got my degree at University of Cumbria (Lancaster) in English Lit and Creative Writing and now find how difficult it really is to make yourself write everyday. Hardest job in the world! Now a few years on I realise just how hard. Wordsworth was right, movement is so important to creativity...So a few years on now and over 50 walking football is seemingly the movement needed!

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