Another xmas done!

Well, how many of us have eaten too many sprouts and chocolate? Great mixture and yet we do the same every year. It would seem that there is a new trend rapidly spinning into existence out there in the world of cyberspace though, that of online shopping. Newspapers are reporting that whilst we were cooking the xmas dinner and opening presents that we were already spending £300 million on the sales! No wonder the High Street is in decline. I personally can remember when we still went to the shops for the sales and all those hardened shoppers that camped out to be the first ones in. It seems then that it won’t be long before we have a new generation that will not even know what a shop is, let alone actually going out to do the shopping. I suppose that the old high streets could always make way for the so called affordable housing that the government is always banging on about! At least if we are all shopping virtually we can all have our own pad! But where do we find work?


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