Only 363 days to go for the next one!

What a jolly thought that we can do exactly the same thing again next year! When will we maybe learn from our actions and possibly do something a little different? I live in hope that perhaps there has been some thought to all the people in the world that will not have had anything over the festive period. Perhaps this thought can turn into action over the course of the next year and actually do something about it. I include myself in this too. I really would like to be an alcohol/drugs counsellor and help people through an awful addiction. It would also put me into a much better position to perhaps be able to invite a homeless person into my home next Christmas so that they do not have to spend another cold winter period on the street. How many people will be able to do this themselves without saying, “but they might steal from you?” Rather it would be better to say to ourselves that it is better to treat others as we ourselves would prefer to treated. What we put out in life will always come back to us. Therefore if we just turn a blind eye to the harsher problems in the world then what else can be expected than that of being on our own? It’s all very well surrounding ourselves with all of society’s toys that are put in front of us every day, but we cannot take any of it with us into the next plane of existence, can we? Let’s do it, let’s help our fellow human beings and prove to all the greedy, money oriented so called leaders that we are the same fundamentally and that we do actually care as a race and member of the animal kingdom. It’s Mother Nature’s world, not Man’s world and we should be nurturing her, no the other way around. As usual, I live in hope, the eternal optimist.


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